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Vol. 23    No. 2    February 2016

Materials, Metallurgy, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Adsorption isotherm and inhibition effect of a synthesized di-(m-Formylphenol)-1,2-cyclohexandiimine on corrosion of steel X52 in HCl solution
A. karimi, I. Danaee, H. Eskandari, M. RashvanAvei
Inhibition effect of 2-amino-5-ethyl-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole on corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel type 304 in dilute HCl solution
Roland T. Loto, Cleophas A. Loto, Abimbola P. Popoola, Tatiana Fedotova
Numerical study on forming complex fitting body on end of integrated stainless steel pipe without welds
Zhang Da-wei(张大伟), Zhao Sheng-dun(赵升吨)
Effect of key factors on cold orbital forging of a spur bevel gear
ZHUANG Wu-hao(庄武豪), DONG Li-ying(董丽颖)
Thermodynamic analysis and dynamics simulation on reaction of Al2O and AlCl2 with carbon under vacuum
LU Yong(卢勇), ZHOU Yue-zhen(周岳珍), CHEN Xiu-min(陈秀敏), LI Zi-yong(李紫勇), YU Qing-chun(郁青春), LIU Da-chun(刘大春), YANG Bin(杨斌), XU Bao-qiang(徐宝强)
Conversion and reaction kinetics of coke oven gas over a commercial Fe-Mo/Al2O3 catalyst
QU Yi-xin(屈一新), XU He-ming(徐贺明), ZHAO Jian-feng(赵见峰), WANG Zhi-yan(王志彦), WANG Ya-tao(王亚涛)
Simultaneous separation and determination of four main isoflavonoids in Astragali Radix by an isocratic LC/ESI-MS method
WANG Yu-ling(王玉林), LIANG Yi-zeng(梁逸曾), ZHANG Jie(张洁), FENG Xiao-liang(冯晓亮), GE Cheng-sheng(葛承胜), HUANG Lan-fang(黄兰芳)
improvement of visible light-induced photocatalytic performance by Cr-doped SrTiO3-carbon nitride intercalation compound (CNIC) composite
YANG Ming(杨明), JIN Xiao-qi(金效齐)
Single-step synthesis of magnetic chitosan composites and application for chromate (Cr(VI)) removal
YANG Wei-chun(杨卫春), TANG Qiong-zhi(唐琼芝), DONG Shu-yu(董舒宇), CHAI Li-yuan(柴立元), WANG Hai-ying(王海鹰)
Nitrogen removal by three types of bioretention columns under wetting and drying regimes
TANG Ning-yuan(唐宁远), LI Tian(李田)

Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Information Engineering

Parametric analysis of thermal effect on hydrostatic slipper bearing capacity of axial piston pump
TANG He-sheng(汤何胜), YIN Yao-bao(訚耀保), ZHANG Yang(张阳), LI Jing(李晶)
Transient reliability optimization for turbine disk radial deformation
Fei Cheng-wei(费成巍), Bai Guang-chen(白广忱), Tang Wen-zhong(唐文忠), CHOY Yat-sze(蔡逸思), GAO Hai-feng(高海峰)
Theoretical and experimental investigation on optimization of a non-contact air conveyor
ZHONG Wei(钟伟), LI Xin(黎鑫), TAO Guo-liang(陶国良), LU Bo(路波), KAGAWA Toshiharu(香川利春)
Optimal design of functionally graded PmPV/CNT nanocomposite cylindrical tube for purpose of torque transmission
Abolfazl Khalkhali, Sharif Khakshournia, Parvaneh Saberi
Trajectory tracking control for underactuated unmanned surface vehicles with dynamic uncertainties
LIAO Yu-lei(廖煜雷), ZHANG Ming-jun(张铭钧), WAN Lei(万磊), LI Ye(李晔)
Mechanism and optimization of fuel injection parameters on combustion noise of DI diesel engine
ZHANG Qing-hui(张庆辉), HAO Zhi-yong(郝志勇), ZHENG Xu(郑旭), YANG Wen-ying(杨文英), MAO Jie(毛杰)
A novel coordinated control strategy considering power smoothing for a hybrid photovoltaic/battery energy storage system
DAUD Muhamad Zalani, MOHAMED Azah, HANNAN M A
Mass transfer enhancement for LiBr solution using ultrasonic wave
HAN Xiao-dong(韩晓东), ZHANG Shi-wei(张仕伟), TANG Yong(汤勇), YUAN Wei(袁伟), LI Bin(李斌)
Free vibration analysis of non-homogeneous orthotropic plates resting on Pasternak elastic foundation by Rayleigh-Ritz method
Ahmad Rahbar-Ranji, Arash Shahbaztabar
A hybrid discrete particle swarm optimization-genetic algorithm for multi-task scheduling problem in service oriented manufacturing systems
WU Shan-yu(武善玉), ZHANG Ping(张平), LI Fang(李方), GU Feng(古锋), PAN Yi(潘毅)

Geological, Civil, Energy and Traffic Engineering

Experimental and numerical study on crack propagation in pre-cracked beam specimens under three-point bending
Hadi Haeri
Failure mechanism of bolting support and high-strength bolt-grouting technology for deep and soft surrounding rock with high stress
LI Shu-cai(李术才), WANG Hong-tao(王洪涛), WANG Qi(王琦), JIANG Bei(江贝), WANG Fu-qi(王富奇), GUO Nian-bo(郭念波), LIU Wen-jiang(刘文江), REN Yao-xi(任尧喜)
hybrid reliability model for fatigue reliability analysis of steel bridges
CAO Shan-shan(曹珊珊), LEI Jun-qing(雷俊卿)
Mitigation of blast loadings on structures by an anti-blast plastic water wall
ZHANG Li(张力), CHEN Li(陈力), FANG Qin(方秦), ZHANG Ya-dong(张亚栋)
Coupling model for calculating prestress loss caused by relaxation loss, shrinkage, and creep of concrete
CAO Guo-hui(曹国辉), HU Jia-xing(胡佳星), ZHANG Kai(张锴)
Improvement of thermal performance of envelopes for traditional wooden vernacular dwellings of Tujia Minority in Western Hunan, China
LI Zhe(李哲), SHI Lei(石磊), YU Zhi-wu(余志武)
Heat transfer of copper/water nanofluid flow through converging-diverging channel
Mohamed Rafik SARI, Mohamed KEZZAR, Rachid ADJABI
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